• Business Consulting

  • Benchmarking and Analysis

    Our benchmarking and analysis will help answer those questions you’ve been asking time and time again. We provide timely, accurate and informative benchmarking reports, which will provide you with a full perspective of the industry and an understanding as to where you sit comparatively.

  • Due Diligence and Acquisition Advisory

    Entering into a transaction to acquire a venue (or venues) requires not only a significant financial obligation, but is also inherent with risk, should the process not be properly managed.  Gaining a full understanding of the key issues surrounding the venue, along with robust analysis of financial information, is crucial to ensuring a transaction is not undertaken which may be latent with consequences following settlement.  Accordingly, we provide a full suite of services, including financial and taxation due diligence, acquisition and target profiling, advisory and transaction project management, to help lower your risks.

  • Forensic Accounting and Risk Reviews

    Either as a preventative ‘health check’ of systems and controls, or alternatively a review after the fact of a particular matter, we have the capabilities to provide an industry-specific solution and/or analysis to give you the insight you need.

  • Gaming Advisory

    As leading experts in understanding gaming performance and regulatory requirements, we are able to provide venues with access to our expertise on comparative performance, as well as access to leading industry advisors, with respect to regulatory and compliance matters.